ACH-EACH Mentoring and Professional Development Session Thriving in an Academic Career: Mentoring Matters

Tuesday, October 29, 2019; 12:15pm - 1:30pm PST
Free and Open to All ICCH Attendees


EACH and ACH are jointly presenting a mentoring and professional development session at the 2019 ICCH Conference: “Thriving in an Academic Career: Mentoring Matters.” It will take place during lunchtime on Tuesday, October 29th. Attendees can pick up their lunch, which begins at 12:00, and join us for the session, which will run from 12:15 – 1:30 PM. This session will begin with a brief panel of scholars at various levels of their careers sharing relevant best practices and lessons learned. Small group discussions, facilitated by discussants from ACH and EACH, will engage participants in identifying topics and strategies relevant to them in their career trajectory. Our goal is to allow participants to identify topics that are particularly relevant to them in their careers, provide the opportunity for them to identify and share questions and/or concerns, and benefit from the varied perspectives of others that emerge from the discussion.

The following topics will be used to stimulate discussion:

  • Aligning expectations in a mentoring relationship
  • Taking care of yourself while being successful in your career/Work-life integration
  • Mentoring Archetypes: What type of mentor are you/What type of mentor are seeking?
  • Is it only me? Recognizing you are not alone
  • Productivity tips and techniques
  • Finding your niche

The panel and facilitators include:

Kenzie A. Cameron, PhD, MPH, FACH, Research Professor, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, US (ACH) [Chair]
Kasey Boehmer, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic, US (yEACH) [Co-Chair]
Carma Bylund, PhD, FACH, Associate Professor, University of Florida, US (ACH)
Judy Chang, MD, MPH, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Medical Student Research, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, US (ACH)
Pål Gulbrandsen, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Oslo, Norway (EACH)

Stemming from the successful first joint roundtable organized by the research committees from EACH and ACH at the 2018 ICCH (Porto, Portugal) on Keys to Successful Research Collaboration, we look forward to this ACH/EACH co-sponsored event in which we hope to stimulate the participants to engage in professional development and mentoring discussions and identify strategies and opportunities for applying what they learn in their own careers.

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