Special Interest Groups

Tuesday, October 29, 2019  |  7:30AM – 8:15AM

Interest groups are gatherings of individuals with similar interests and needs for sharing ideas and/or resources or to initiate or continue collaborative work. Interest groups provide opportunities for open discussion and creativity in a more informal and less structured setting.

Interest groups will be held in conjunction with breakfast on Tuesday. Attendees are urged to pick up food from the dining area and take it with them to the interest group room, as outlined below, for which they would like to participate.

Child and Family Health Literacy Interest Group (sponsored by the International Health Literacy Association [IHLA])
Caring for children's health is unique there are various specific health literacy challenges which impact children's health. The International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) Child and Family Health Literacy Special Interest Group’s mission is to advance health literacy-related research, practice-/organizational-level change, education, and policy/advocacy to improve the health and well-being of children and adolescents. The group will focus on discussions and initiatives around evidenced-based solutions in pediatric health literacy research, education, and practice-/organizational-level change. To this end, this will be a meeting and discussion for the IHLA Child and Family Health Literacy SIG. Attendees will each introduce themselves (elevator speeches) to facilitate networking. The co-leaders will facilitate a discussion about SIG goals regarding research and potentials for collaboration. Open to all ICCH attendees interested in child health.

Facilitator: Andrea Morrison
Marina 1

Health Literacy Research Interest Group (sponsored by the International Health Literacy Association [IHLA])
The goal of this interest group is to build connections, provide mentorship, and share opportunities for health literacy research internationally. We want to help support the development of international collaborations that can facilitate new connections across research projects and allow for meaningful opportunities for mentorship and learning, in order to foster high quality health literacy research. At our SIG meeting we will discuss research interests, opportunities for collaborations, and next steps for the Health Literacy Research Interest Group. Open to all ICCH attendees.

Facilitators: Tetine Sentell / H. Shonna Yin
Marina 2

Language and Cultural Discordance in Healthcare Communication
The overarching objective of this SIG is to foster a coherent interdisciplinary and interprofessional approach to researching and training in language and cultural discordance in healthcare communication. We invite all interested colleagues to join us in the open meeting to discuss research priorities and the best way the SIG can serve its members to achieve the aims. Open to all ICCH attendees.

Facilitator: Shuangyu Li
Marina 3

Medical Uncertainty
This SIG aims to bring together researchers, educators, and clinicians who are interested in the problem of uncertainty in health care.  Its goal is to raise awareness of work on medical uncertainty, share knowledge and ideas, facilitate collaboration, and promote more systematic and multidisciplinary work on this important problem. Open to all ICCH attendees.

Facilitator: Paul Han
Marina 4

Shared Decision Making - Introducing the International Society for Shared Decision Making
This SIG is for those at ICCH who have a strong interest in shared decision making at levels of policy, education, research and practice. Information about the new International Shared Decision Making Society will be available. Open to all ICCH attendees.

Facilitator: Glyn Elwyn
Marina 5

VR-CoDES is a coding system which has been developed for identifying patient's negative emotions (cues/concerns) and health providers' responses to these emotions during the clinic consultations. The system has been validated and well applied by many researchers in many countries for nearly ten years. Open to all ICCH attendees.

Facilitator: Xinchun Liu
Seabreeze 1

yEACH (Early-Career Professionals in Communication in Healthcare)
yEACH is a special interest group within EACH that was formed to foster peer-mentorship and collaboration across EACH early-career members. Early-career is defined as those within 10 years of starting their academic research and/or teaching career within healthcare communication. Both those who identify as early-career professionals and those who do not are invited to attend this meeting in order to learn more about yEACH's activities, including ways to support and engage with the group. Open to all ICCH attendees.

Kasey Boehmer
Seabreeze 2

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