Who Attends?

Researchers, Educators, Patients and Clinicians Interested in Improving Communication in Healthcare

  • Academic faculty leaders conducting research on communication in healthcare

  • Medical educators from a range of health professions:
      -Physical Therapy
      -Plus several other interprofessional fields

  • Patient Experience professionals engaged in communication improvement

  • Students from Various Health Professions

  • Patients, Patient Advocates, Caregivers, Patient Family Members

  • Healthcare administrators guiding topics related to communication

  • Networking with colleagues

  • Learning communication skills

  • Keeping abreast of advances in the field of communication and relationships in healthcare

  • Learning methods and approaches to research

  • Learning methods and approaches to teaching

  • Experiencing new approaches to explore health communication through ICCH's new creative arts category

  • And much more!


"Thanks SO much for a terrific conference. The quality of the programming was outstanding and we were exceptionally well cared for. Taking this kind of time off from work and home is substantial, yet to come away with enhanced knowledge, networking and IDEAS is such a great feeling and affirming." - Past ICCH Attendee

"As a new member and attendant I was very impressed by the friendliness and openness of all attendees to share their knowledge and experience and help me get the most out of the meeting. I also always felt I can speak openly about my thoughts and questions. In addition, there were a lot of opportunities to network and get tools that will help me in my academic career. I enjoyed the meeting tremendously and got a lot out of it." - Past ICCH Attendee

"I loved the conference! So many great networking connections made, as well as learnings and tools to go home with.  I have tons of strategies to review and implement now. Love all the evidence based data! I now have data driven communications information to work with our providers and staff to prove better communications drives better outcomes. Also, I thought the timing between the sessions was fantastic. Just enough time to do what was needed and still meet peers along the way. I will definitely be attending again and look forward to it!" - Past ICCH Attendee
"I was a first time attendee and am not a researcher; I was a bit intimidated by the research emphasis but was well aware of this thanks to the clear communication in advance of the conference. After participating in the conference I realize that my intimidation was entirely misplaced. It was nice to be able to take tools and resources back to the researchers I work with while also add new tools and strategies to my tool chest. The networking was a great experience. How exciting to be amongst people with a passion for effective communication and inclusion. This conference felt like a gift I was given by my organization and now the onus is on me to pay it forward." - Past ICCH Attendee
"I've worked in communication for many years, but never thought I'd find an organization so 
aligned with my thinking and values, with members who are so welcoming, friendly and 
collegial. Intellectually, it feels like home. A remarkable experience." - Past ICCH Attendee

"Wonderful event, great opportunities to network and also a great honor to get to present as a student!" - Past ICCH Attendee
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