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Medical Encounter is an academic journal that publishes works relating to communication in healthcare, including research, articles, narratives, poetry, book reviews and more. It is distributed to all ACH members.

Focus and Purpose
As a publication, we are particularly interested in ideas and works in progress as we strive to foster dialogues that promote the evolution of the field.

Medical Encounter exists to:

  • Build community among ACH members by celebrating their creativity, diversity and energy.
  • Provide a voice to ACH by reaching out to communities of patients and healthcare providers worldwide.
  • Support the education and research missions of ACH by highlighting innovative work occurring both inside and outside of the Academy.

Get Published
Publishing in Medical Encounter gives you the opportunity to get feedback and ideas from the most thoughtful minds in the medical world. Each issue reaches a community of patients, practitioners, educators, researchers and leaders with a common interest in promoting respect and understanding between patients and healthcare providers.

We welcome articles, stories, poems and other literary works about relationships in medicine. Many of our authors go on to submit to peer-reviewed journals.

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Latest Issue
Volume 30 Number 2
Fall 2016
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2016 ENRICH Forum attendees participate in the conference poster session, which featured research on topics from 10 healthcare communication-related themes.

Editors and Column Descriptions

Medical Encounter Editorial Content

Editor: Paul Haidet
Managing Editor: Laura Singler
Editor Emeritus: Dennis Novack

Column Editors

Organizational Culture in Healthcare
Editor: Chris Stillwell

This column focuses on healthcare organizations that are undertaking intentional cultural change efforts, such as improving the impact of organizational assumptions, expectations, norms and values. Articles addressing either culture change processes or change outcomes are welcome.

Behavioral Science
Editor: Alyce Getler

This column presents clinical, theoretical and research data from the behavioral sciences. Articles should be relevant to understanding and improving the patient-physician relationship, enhancing patient self-efficacy and addressing mental health and psychosocial issues that influence illness, adherence and patient well-being.

Pediatric Perspective
Editor: Elizabeth Rider

Inaugurated in 2000, this column is devoted to work with children, adolescents and their families. Narratives, essays, short research reports or summaries, editorials and other pieces are welcome.

Book Reviews
Editor: Pending

Medical Encounter accepts reviews of recent books on topics pertinent to communication and the clinician-patient relationship. Reviews should be concise and emphasize the reasons ACH member might want to read the work.

Poetry Encounter
Editor: Jack Coulehan 

This column celebrates the importance of word and image, metaphor and meaning in healthcare practice. We invite submissions of original poetry, prose commentaries on poems and reflections on the role of poetry in healing and the patient-clinician relationship. Please include a short prose commentary (300 to 500 words) with each  poetry submission, describing it's context or inspiration.

Editor: Pending

The research column provides a forum for ACH members and others to present relevant investigative projects and ideas to the ME readership. Articles may fall anywhere along the spectrum from an early "progress report” to a summary of a previously published project.

Getting Acquainted
Editor: Shakaib Rehman

This column is devoted to introducing 

ACH members to each other to foster a sense of community. If you have a suggestion for a member feature, please contact the editor.

Narratives and Health
Editor: Monica Broome

Medical Encounter welcomes personal narratives on caring, patient-provider relationships, humanism in healthcare, professionalism and its challenges, patients’ perspectives and collaboration in patient care and counseling.

Editor: Open - Contact Laura Singler

This column addresses relevant or current issues of concern in the areas of evaluation of clinical skills in undergraduate and graduate healthcare education.

Ethics & Controversies
Editor: Aanand D. Nalik

Editor: Gretchen Lovett

From the Field
Editor: Kit Gracey

A series of occasional reflections on clinical practice, education, administration, values in action, sense-making and life.

Click here for submission guidelines for all articles/columns.

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