Telehealth Communication: Quick Tips

In these changing times we need human connection more than ever.
Yet, how can we maintain meaningful connection, virtually?
These quick tips provide a simple introduction to enhance communication and relationships in telehealth encounters, and beyond.




Telehealth Communication: “Quick Tips” 

  • Be “present”: Think of how you are feeling,  with whom you are meeting, and a genuine way to connect.  

  • Identify the patient’s needs: Think of what the other person may expect and notice your own assumptions. Ask open-ended questions to identify their needs.  

  • Listen: Time and resource limitations tempt us to interrupt. Brief moments of attentive listening allow the other person to feel “heard”, and often improves our understanding of their needs and expectations. Try to identify both the content and emotion you hear  as you listen. 

  • Respond. Provide empathy: Summarize what you heard in terms of content and attempt to name and validate their emotion. Offer a short statement of empathy.  

  • Share information: Provide jargon-free information in small chunks. Ask patient to summarize what they heard  to ensure you’ve been clear. 

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