Member Benefits

Benefit from new relationships and opportunities to collaborate on projects and research through a community of kindred spirits

Receive a free DocCom subscription! ACH Associate and Professional members receive a free subscription to DocCom, an online learning resource offering more than forty multimedia-rich interactive modules and 400+ videos showing essential communication competencies. ACH Student members receive a free one-month trial subscription and can receive a discounted student member rate on a one-year subscription for only $45 (more than 50% savings).

Discover academic articles, videos, events, and webinars in the ACH Resource Section.

 "state of the art” healthcare communication practices, teaching and research at our Teaching and Research Forum and International Conference on Communication in Healthcare

Transform your institution through a custom, on-site communication workshop, led by ACH faculty

Save with discounted registration fees at conferences, courses, and educational programs.

Experience transformative education by having the opportunity to apply for the ACH Facilitator in Training Program (FIT Program), a unique educational experience that combines elements of mentoring, personal self-awareness, self-directed learning, and skills development.

Gain the opportunity to volunteer on an ACH committee.

Access to member contact information through a searchable directory.

Network, engage, and share critical information and best practices with other ACH members through the members only listserv.

Receive a $1,850 registration discount to the Leading Organizations to Health program offerings.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly by calling 859.514.9211 or emailing

Who Should Join?
Healthcare Clinicians & Trainees
- improve clinician-patient communications skills
- improve patient and clinician satisfaction
- discover information and support
- reduce malpractice risk
- reduce stress & enhance well-being 

Hospitals, Health Systems
- improve patient satisfaction ratings
- improve patient safety
- increase patient base and referrals
- create a culture of competence and caring
- improve healthcare team performance
 Communication Educators and Researchers
- present your research and develop new ideas
- network and collaborate with colleagues
- connect with healthcare clinicians in the field

Health Professions Educators
- master relationship centered care skills
- discover curriculum essentials- enhance communication, teaching and learning
- master group facilitation skills
 Risk Managers & Malpractice Insurers
- improve consumer and patient satisfaction
- support clinician education and training
- decrease malpractice claims
Patients & Patient Representatives
- improve patient satisfaction and confidence
- increase patient knowledge of what to ask and how to communicate with physicians and healthcare team members
- enhance engagement and participation in care

Members of the Academy
Focus on the strengths, resources, and needs of patients, physicians and other professionals - both as unique individuals and in relationship to one another. Develop skills that integrate biological, psychosocial, cognitive-emotional and social domains. Apply existing knowledge and scholarship from multiple disciplines and develop new knowledge through research. Promote collaborative relationships between and among healthcare clinicians, patients, and health professions educators and healthcare systems. Incorporate core values of respect, empathy, and genuineness in human relationships through attention to the importance of self-awareness in all activities. Educate clinicians and patients, teachers, and learners to relate more effectively to each other through the practice of relationship-centered healthcare.
Membership Types
Membership Type:  Amount:
Institutional Membership 
(Valid through December 31st of the year in which the institution joins)
  Price varies based on selected plan
Professional member 1-year 
(Valid through December 31st of the year in which you join)
(medical fellows, clinicians, educators, researchers, other allied professionals)
Professional member 2-year 
(Calendar years)
(medical fellows, clinicians, educators, researchers, other allied professionals)
Associate member 1 year
(Valid through December 31st of the year in which you join)
(in training, retired, post docpatient,
medical resident)
Student Memberships*
(Valid through December 31st of your graduation year)

*The Student Membership is reserved for students in undergraduate and post graduate studies. When you join as a student on the ACH website, you must add your anticipated graduation year and register using your school email address. Once you have graduated, this free membership will no longer be available to you. 

Payment must be received before membership can be activated. Please allow 24 hours for processing.

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