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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

ACH COVID-19 Resources: You can find the below communication tools,  member stories from the impact of the virussupport resources, and more on the ACH COVID-19 resource page

Communication Tools: Feel free to circulate the links of the communication tools below. The PDFs are freely open for public download. We encourage circulation via electronic and print formats. 

Support Discussions: In response to the challenges of managing emotions and relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic, ACH invites you to join live support discussions, facilitated by ACH volunteers. Currently offered now through April 30, we will host two opportunities each week. Facilitators will encourage participants to voice concerns, share stories, and raise topics important for self-care, self-compassion and support. Registration (see below): Recognizing that your schedules are uncertain, please feel free to register now, yet only attend whenever able:

Member Stories/Reflections: Please submit stories and reflections regarding your personal/professional experiences during the COVID-19 crisis. Accepted submissions will appear on the ACH COVID-19 resource page.

Please submit your narratives, stories, and other resource suggestions via the following brief form

Basic submission considerations:

  • Stories: We welcome a range of stories and/or narratives so that you may share your encounters with patients, families, and colleagues while providing care during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Reflections: We encourage your general reflections on communication and relationships in healthcare, as it relates to the COVID-19 context. Guidelines: Submissions should relate specifically to the COVID-19 context. Ideally submission length is 300 - 700 words. We encourage informal submissions as we are eager to share your experiences. Authors are responsible for editing, including grammatical and content considerations.

Questions: Please contact [email protected] 

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