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Kognito is a virtual human simulation company. Kognito offers research supported, self-paced role-play simulations where users learn and practice patient-centered communication skills with fully articulated and emotionally responsive virtual humans.

Kognito’s simulation platform integrates research in neuroscience and adult learning with the power of gaming technology to create impactful and engaging experiences with AI-powered virtual humans. Our library of pre-built patient scenarios has been utilized to train over 225,000 healthcare providers across healthcare systems and health professions schools.

Thank you for your support in advancing research and education in healthcare communication!

Interested in supporting the ACH Healthcare Communication Research Forum? Email us at [email protected]

ACH is pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities for the Virtual Research Forum so that attendees may gain exposure to products and services that may be of interest to them. Please note that sponsorship of the Virtual Research Forum does not equate to ACH's endorsement, warranty or recommendation of any of the sponsoring companies or their products.


Supporter Policy 

Policy on Acceptance and Disclosure of External Funds:
The Board of the ACH recognizes that external funds may be an important source of support for enhancing the number and breadth of educational programs that we offer, and may help reduce financial barriers to participation.  The Board is also very mindful of the potential for conflicts of interest to arise, regardless of whether the source of funding is a commercial corporation, a nonprofit foundation, or a government entity.  Conflicts of interest are common and not by themselves unethical, but if not handled appropriately they can harm the reputations of the Academy, its individual members, and its donors.  With these considerations in mind, the Board establishes the following policy regarding acceptance and disclosure of external funds.

  1. The ACH may receive funds from commercial, nonprofit and government sources to support educational programs that contribute directly to fulfilling the Academy’s mission. (Note that this policy does not address funding for research projects.
  2. The ACH must retain full control over educational content, teaching materials, speaker selection and all other aspects of any program that is supported partially or fully by external funding.
  3. The Board Vice President serving as the liaison to the planning committee of the ACH course or program shall provide guidance before accepting any external funds. Non-profit supporter applications will be reviewed and accepted/denied by the applicable Board Vice President. For-profit supporter applications will be reviewed and accepted/denied by the Executive Committee.  Any questions, challenges or disputes that arise over the appropriateness of a given source of external funding for a given program shall be referred to the ACH Executive Committee which shall have ultimate authority for deciding such matters.
  4. Decisions regarding distribution of materials and participation of representatives of funding organizations shall be made by the Board Vice President serving as the liaison to the planning committee of each program (1) in accordance with this policy and (2) with principal regardfor maintaining the quality and integrity of the program and the participants’ experience.  Any questions, challenges or disputes about the appropriateness of materials or participation by representatives shall be referred to the Executive Committee, which shall have ultimate authority for deciding such matters.
  5. The ACH will disclose all sources of external financial support in the form of an acknowledgment in writing (e.g.: on the program brochure or cover page of program handouts).
  6. A report listing the amount and source of all supporter funding received by the Academy will be included in the ACH’s monthly financial report. Any ACH member may, upon request, receive a comprehensive listing of supporters and the amount of support for a program or course.