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Connection Groups

Connection Groups are the Winter Gathering version of Cross-Over Groups.

These groups will serve a dual purpose: 
•    Learn what issues are arising across all small learning groups
•    Provide an opportunity to reconnect and socialize

The composition of each Connection Group will be randomly determined using two guidelines:
1.    There should be someone from each small learning group (formerly known as PA groups).
2.    Participants in each group will be at approximately the same ACH learning level e.g., FITS will be grouped with FITs and Faculty with Faculty.

In the past, there has been no recommended structure for these groups.  This year, we are offering some options for each Connections Group to consider:
•    Choose a facilitator.  This could be the same person for each meeting, or it could be someone different.
•    Check-in at the start of each group.  This is to ensure that everyone has a voice in guiding the discussion.
•    Discussion.  Prompt questions will be available for any group that would like to use them to start the discussion.