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Fit skills

Facilitation in the Black Lives Matter Movement Era
Denise Davis, MD, and Kara Myers, CNM

The impact of structural racism and xenophobia on the lives and wellbeing of Black, Indigenous and Latinx people has moved to the forefront of conversations in healthcare. Yet, no workshop or series of workshops, can fully remedy the knowledge gaps that are a manifestation of structural oppression. The facilitators of these sessions (KM and DD) are humbly aware of their own limitations and the limitations of these FIT skills sessions in establishing habits of mind and facilitation practice that affirm and honor equity in healthcare. And, it's important to continue our commitment to equitist work in communication and facilitation training in ACH. 

During this year’s Winter Gathering FIT skills sessions, participants will apply a relationship centered communication skills framework to facilitation that can earn trust, prevent interpersonal ruptures and address challenges arising in the setting of racial, ethnic, power, gender, sexuality and language differences.  Sessions will primarily focus on integrated, case-based practice and debriefing in small groups. 

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to: 
1.    Use self-reflective practices to build awareness of strengths and triggers which may influence facilitation 
2.    Practice" Location of Self" in facilitation
3.    Employ fundamental facilitation practices (openings, ground rules, closings) that effectively invite expressions of diversity in a group  
4.    Use fundamental relationship centered communication skills (curiosity, reflective listening, empathy, and acknowledgment of past and present traumas) to effectively address manifestations of difference in a group, including but not limited to disengagement and conflict 
5.    Model feedback skills (giving and receiving) that promote a supportive and appropriately challenging learning environment