Imagine what you could do in your WORK and teaching with ADVANCED TRAINING and your own personal mentor...

The Faculty- In- Training (FIT) program is a learner-centered professional development program where experiential learning is coupled with guidance from a personal mentor. The FIT program builds on the skills developed in the Relationship-Centered Communication Facilitation (RCF) program and Train-the-Trainer (TTT)  program (must have completed either prerequisite to be eligible to apply to the FIT program).

The FIT program is designed to help RCF and Train the Trainer graduates achieve both their own self-identified learning goals as well as competencies in the four core domains of small group facilitation, coaching, workshop content and development, and personal awareness.  Participants develop interpersonal skills, including leadership, diversity, teamwork, and conflict engagement.

The success of the program resides in an abiding commitment to adhere to the basic principles of learning communities, including caring relationships, unconditional positive regard, trust, inclusivity, mutual support, teamwork, and attending to ‘caring presence’ in our work.  Since its inception in 1988, over 100 people with varied backgrounds (MD, PhD, PA-C, MSW, PsyD, CNM, etc.) have completed this multi-year, learner-centered, self-paced, distance-learning program.  For many it has been the most transformative educational experience of their lives.  A qualitative analysis of FIT graduates from the ACH program found consistent increases in confidence and skill in the realms of communication, teaching, facilitation, relationships at work and home, and personal awareness (Chou et al, 2014).  Participants said: 
Participant Testimonies

Additional benefits from this longitudinal learning community include highly meaningful, trusting, and supportive relationships with other professionals with shared values. Many report significant career development and advancement due to monthly mentoring, networking, career advice, and collaboration on scholarly projects. For most, it is the safest place to share important professional and personal dilemmas and to work on managing them. 

“It became my professional home, and source of friends, collaborators, and kindred spirits.”

“Finding a community of like-minded clinicians helped me feel less isolated and bolstered my confidence in maintaining values of caring about patients and myself in the context of practicing medicine.”

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FIT Program Co-Director
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FIT Program Co-Director
University of New Mexico
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Program Manager
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