Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the FIT program?

To be eligible to apply to the FIT program, you must first successfully complete the Relationship-Centered Communication Facilitators Program (RCF) or receive certification in an ACH train-the-trainer program. You may apply by following these steps.

How much does the FIT program cost?

The cost of tuition is $1,250 per year.  For details on other related program costs click here.

What is the time commitment for the FIT program?

Your time in the Faculty-in-Training Program should be one of significant learning and skill development, as well as one of exciting personal growth. Potentially, it will become one of the most valuable educational experiences you undertake. It is intensive. FITs spend considerable time in activities related to the training program, often as much as two to four hours per week, in addition to time spent at the annual ENRICH and Winter Training Courses. It is estimated to take 2-3 years to complete the program.  You and your supervisors should be aware of this level of commitment.

What is a Guide?

Each FIT is paired with an ACH faculty member “Guide.” ACH faculty are individuals who have graduated from the FIT program. The Guide acts as a mentor to facilitate progress and growth during training. FITs and Guides meet regularly to discuss learning issues and to negotiate many aspects of training relative to creating and implementing a learning plan. One of the first tasks of a new FIT is selecting a Guide. This is a mutual selection process with guidance provided by the FIT co-directors. To learn more, click here.

What if I need to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the program?

Occasionally, trainees discover that other demands or a change in professional interests require that they suspend or stop training. In the event of a leave of absence or withdrawal from the program, you must notify the program co-directors immediately and they will provide you with the appropriate formal agreement to sign


What are the benefits and expectations once I have graduated from the program?

Once you have graduated from the FIT Program and have become an ACH faculty member, opportunities for continued involvement include facilitating a workshop or learning group at the annual Winter Course or ENRICH course, acting as a Guide for a FIT, or delivering on-site workshops to healthcare organizations and hospital systems on behalf of the Academy.  To be considered for selection, click here to read the faculty selection process.

Who should I contact for more information?

Contact Tim Gilligan (FIT Program Co-Director) at [email protected], Sally Fortner (FIT Program Co-Director) at [email protected], Ellen Pearlman (FIT Program Co-Director) at [email protected],  or Rachel Poarch (ACH Program Manager) at [email protected].
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