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The Importance of Communication in Healthcare: The Time is Now

The Academy of Communication in Healthcare has been at the forefront of efforts to improve communication and relationships in healthcare. From disseminating research to providing training, ACH recognizes the need to expand both awareness and communication skills within the medical community—and beyond it. This video highlights the crucial role of communication in healthcare and why we must continue efforts toward improved experiences and outcomes. Please watch and then share this helpful video resource.


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Communication RX Book Cover

Communication RX

In this practical―and potentially life-saving―volume, you’ll discover special sections on teamwork, coaching, shared decision-making, feedback, conflict engagement, diversity, and communicating through hierarchy. The book also provides institutional initiatives to help you implement change in yourorganization and outlines a field-tested blueprint for healthier communication across the entire industry.

Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing

Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive, evidence-based introduction to the principles and practices of patient communication in a clinical setting. This text presents a step-by-step methodology for mastering every aspect of the medical interview.