Communication Rx:
Transforming Healthcare Through Relationship-Centered Communication

Research shows that nothing impacts patient experiences more than the quality of communication. While beneficial, the latest in cutting-edge technology and techniques aren’t enough to ensure the best possible care for patients. The key to better healthcare outcomes is communication.

Over the past four decades, The Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH) has worked tirelessly with health systems, teaching communicationskills that put relationships―between patients and providers, as well as among providers―at the center of care.

Now, for the first time, ACH’s proven and effective methodology is detailed in this invaluable step-by-step guide. You’ll learn communication skills that will enable you to:

  • Provide more accurate diagnoses and effective treatments―and improve patient outcomes
  • Boost patient adherence and lower hospital readmission rates
  • Make fewer errors and reduce malpractice risks
  • Increase patient satisfaction and build teamwork among providers
  • Further develop your communication skill set―and help others do the same

In this practical―and potentially life-saving―volume, you’ll discover special sections on teamwork, coaching, shared decision-making, feedback, conflict engagement, diversity, and communicating through hierarchy. The book also provides institutional initiatives to help you implement change in yourorganization and outlines a field-tested blueprint for healthier communication across the entire industry. 

All royalties benefit the mission of ACH. Please contact ACH to explore opportunities for author speaking engagements and for bulk book discounts. Contact [email protected] or call 859-514-9199.

“An engaging and evidence-based book on the necessity of communication in healthcare to reduce the epidemic of suffering, this guide to improving healthcare communication is a must-read for caregivers who want to make a difference in the lives of the patients they serve.”
—CHRISTINA DEMPSEY, MSN, MBA, CNOR, CENP, FAAN, SVP, Chief Nursing Officer, Press Ganey Associates, Inc., and author of The Antidote to Suffering
“At a time when clinician burnout is on the rise and patient frustrations with our debilitated healthcare delivery system continue to escalate, Chou and Cooley provide a timely and comprehensive guide that can turn the tide. By helping clinicians enhance their communication skills, the stronger patient-clinician relationships that ensue will lead to better care and more joy in practice. This material is essential for the toolbox of every clinician, leader, and learner in healthcare."
—VIVIAN S. LEE, MD, PhD, MBA, former CEO, University of Utah Healthcare, and former Dean, University of Utah School of Medicine
Download The First Chapter (PDF)
Download The First Chapter (PDF)
View Chapter Summaries
View Chapter Summaries
“This remarkable, well-edited text reminds us all of the importance of effective communication and provides the reader with specific recommendations on how to hone those critical skills that facilitate the building of meaningful relationships. This resource not only offers practical guidance on how to listen more effectively and thereby improve the quality of care, it also serves to remind us of the joy that is possible in caring for others.”
—MICHAEL C. BENNICK, MD, MA, AGAF, FACP, Associate Chief of Medicine, Medical Director of the Patient Experience, and Chairman, Patient Experience Council
ACH Communication Skills Training
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“Excellent resource for all Experience leaders and a must-read for all clinicians. This book is a perfect reminder that we treat human beings, not diseases, and effective communication is the key to all human interactions. It’s a step-by-step guide to deal with all kinds of communication challenges with practical tools, deeply rooted in scientific principles.”
—ALPA SANGHAVI, MD, Chief Quality and Experience Officer, San Mateo Medical Center
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