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Why Does Communication Matter to Clinicians?
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What are ways to build quick rapport with patients?


The Importance of Communication in Healthcare: The Time is Now


    Improving Healthcare Communication  
Patient-Centered Communication
    DocCom Online Communication Curriculum   
Patient Experience and Communication Training
Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing
The videos below aid learning and provide demonstrations of communication skills discussed in the textbook.  For more information on Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing Click Here.  

Building Efficiency and Effectiveness through Patient-Centered Interviewing 
by Auguste H. Fortin


Evidence-Based Patient Centered Communication Strategy 
by Sheira Schlair & Auguste Fortin

Patient-Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Approach 
by Robert C. Smith
©Copyright 2001 Board of Trustees of Michigan State

Doctor-Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Approach 
by Robert C. Smith
©Copyright 2001 Board of Trustees of Michigan State


Patient-Clinician Communication
    Improving Healthcare Communication   

Medical Grand Rounds  

Using Ask-Tell-Ask
Physician Communication: Model of Communication in Healthcare

I am a patient and I need to be heard

Perspectives by Fenton and TEDMED: Improving Doctor-Patient Communication
How Effective Healthcare Communication Contributes to Health Equity  

Culturally Competent Care 

Shared Decision Making in Three Words  
Words Matter
Care Stories: Reducing Patient Suffering


Teaching Medical Students to Communicate with More Empathy

The Power of Empathy

Recognizing and Responding to Emotion
Cleveland Clinic's Empathy Series Continues - Patients: Afraid and Vulnerable
Why Compassion Matters
Salmaan Sana "Compassion for Care"
Why compassionate care is better for patients and health professionals - the evidence
Putting The Care Back Into Health Care

Why Caring is Crucial

What is Compassion?

Why Compassionate Care is Better for Patients and Health Professionals- The Evidence
Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

Mindful Communication: A Video from the JAMA report

Love & Forgiveness in Health Services


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