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The Engel Award is presented annually for outstanding research contributing to the theory, practice and teaching of effective healthcare communication and related skills.

Dr. George L. Engel was an internist with psychoanalytic training whose articulation of the "biopsychosocial model" in the 1970s and widespread recognition in the 1980s had a profound impact on the clinical approach to patients, the medical interview and the patient-clinician relationship.

Nomination Deadline: April 30, 2024

Please send a nomination letter that clearly outlines why you believe the nominee should receive the award and attach a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae. You may send in your nominations for either one or both awards.
Criteria for Engel Award:
  • Interpretations or applications of the research make a difference to the practice and/or teaching of effective healthcare communication.
  • Original and innovative research.
  • Topic of importance to the enhancement of relationship-centered healthcare.
  • Scholarly and rigorous methodologies.
  • No conflict of interest in funding of research.
  • The annual awardee will be recognized at an ACH hosted research conference.
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Cropped Photo of Russell Rothman

2023 Engel Award

Congratulations to Russell Rothman, MD, MPP

Recipient of the 28th annual George Engel Award For Outstanding Research Contributing to the Theory, Practice and Teaching of Effective Health Care Communication and Related Skills.

Previous Recipients: Engel Award

2023 – Russell Rothman
2022 – Kathryn Pollak
2021 – Stewart Chang Alexander
2020 – Dennis Novack
2019 – Barbara Bokhour
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2014 – Richard Kravitz
2013 – James A. Tulsky
2012 – Richard Street
2011 – William Miller
2011 – Stephen Rollnick
2010 – David Hatem
2009 – Dean Schillinger
2008 – Lisa Cooper
2007 – Mack Lipkin
2006 – Thomas Inui
2005 – Peter Maguire
2004 – Wendy Levinson
2003 – Jozien Bensing
2002 – Geoffrey Williams
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1998 – George Engel
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