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The Payer Award is presented annually for outstanding contributions to literature on the theory, practice and teaching of effective healthcare communication and related skills.

Lynn Payer was a journalist and served as managing editor of Medical Encounter for over a decade. She was the author of the classic book Medicine and Culture and wrote hundreds of news stories and features during her career.

Nomination Deadline: April 30, 2024

Please send a nomination letter that clearly outlines why you believe the nominee should receive the award and attach a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae. You may send in your nominations for either one or both awards.
Criteria for Payer Award*
  • The awardee has written and/or developed: Scholarly reviews that synthesize or clarify healthcare communications theory.
  • Concepts or models that enhance health care communications and the patient-clinician relationship.
  • Applications of research or empirical theory to teaching and assessment methodologies to enhance health care communication and the patient-clinician relationship.
  • The annual awardee will be recognized at an ACH hosted research conference.
*Exclusion Criteria: A Payer award nominee whose written work has primarily been original contributions to the research literature may be considered for the Engel Award.
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Cropped Photo of Orit Karnieli-Miller

2023 Payer Award

Congratulations to Orit Karnieli-Miller, PhD

Recipient of the 20th annual Lynn Payer Award For Outstanding Contributions to the Literature on Theory, Practice and Teaching of Effective Health Care Communication and Related Skills.

Previous Recipients: Payer Award

2023 – Orit Karnieli-Miller
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2019 – Evelyn van Weel-Baumgarten
2018 – Calvin Chou
2017 – Adriaan Visser
2016 – Fred Platt
2015 – Suzanne Kurtz
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2012 – Adina Kalet
2011 – Peter Tate
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