Faculty In Training (FIT) Forms and Documents

FIT Portfolio

Your FIT Portfolio is a master compilation of the items that document your progress in, and ultimately completion of, the FIT program. The purpose of requiring FITs to maintain their FIT Portfolio throughout their program tenure is to provide a non-burdensome, meaningful and educational practice for FITs to track their progress.

Required Portfolio Submission Materials:

FIT Tracker

The FIT tracker is no longer a required piece of the FIT Portfolio. The purpose of the tracker is for you, your Guide, and other Faculty you work with throughout the program, to file evidence and feedback. You will use this tracker to help support your narrative personal statement and assess growth areas and opportunities. We ask that you review your FIT tracker with your Guide prior to submitting your FIT portfolio materials.

The user friendly version of the FIT tracker is ready for your use via Google Sheets to help enable file sharing amongst you, your Guide, and any Faculty with whom you need to share. If you already have a google account, you will be able to save this file in your Google Drive. If you do not already have a Google account, we ask that you create one; it is free to do so.

  • Once logged into your Google account, click the link below. This will route you to the new FIT tracker via Google Sheets. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_e_Eeocq6CvnJ35PblwMbv6hjRGVskdG-F8U9GH0rMA/edit?usp=sharing
  • Click “file” and “make a copy” in the top menu.
  • Save your copy to your google drive and begin using as you wish.
  • Note that the tracker has four tabs, one for each domain.
  • Housing the tracker in Google Sheets allows you to share the link to your tracker with your Guide and any Faculty to add comments. You can do this through the green “share” button in the top right.

Program Content: Domains, EPAs, Microskills

To be used as a reference for prospective and current FITs, as well as Faculty to be used when determining whether a FIT has demonstrated the required skills for successful advancement through the program or graduation from the program.

Letters Of Support

To be used by those applying to the FIT program or for current FITs wishing to advance or graduate from the program. Each linked letter template outlines exactly what the letter writer needs to address.

Miscellaneous Documents

FIT Reading Materials

The first section includes required readings that all FITs must have completed by the time they apply to graduation.  Additional optional readings are included as well.

Additional List of Reading Material

To be used as an optional resource for FITs looking for additional related readings (not required).

ENRICH-related Documents

Policies & Procedures