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What are ways to build quick rapport with patients?

DocCom Online Communication Curriculum

Improving Healthcare Communication

Patient Experience and Communication Training

Patient-Centered Communication

Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing

The videos below aid learning and provide demonstrations of communication skills discussed in the textbook.  For more information on Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing Click Here.

Building Efficiency and Effectiveness through Patient-Centered Interviewing
by Auguste H. Fortin

Evidence-Based Patient Centered Communication Strategy
by Sheira Schlair & Auguste Fortin

Patient-Clinician Communication

Improving Healthcare Communication

Shared Decision Making in Three Words

How Effective Healthcare Communication Contributes to Health Equity

Culturally Competent Care

Compassion / Empathy

Care Stories: Reducing Patient Suffering

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

Teaching Medical Students to Communicate with More Empathy

Mindful Communication: A Video from the JAMA report

Why Compassionate Care is Better for Patients and Health Professionals--The Evidence