Communication Coach Training Program

The Communication Coach Training Program (CCTP) prepares individuals to coach for Relationship-Centered Communication (RCC) skills by helping colleagues identify and practice the communication skills most important to them.

Sustaining a Relationship-Centered Culture

The Communication Coach Training Program utilizes a coaching framework rooted in:

  • Appreciative Inquiry: Asking strength-based questions to uncover potential and opportunities.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing and responding to emotions, both in oneself and others, to foster meaningful connections.
  • Intentional Change: Supporting individuals in making lasting changes through deliberate action.
  • Self-Determination: Focusing on autonomy, competence, and connection to meet human needs.
  • Strength-Based Approach: Recognizing and leveraging internal and external resources for holistic growth.

Coaching for RCC Skills helps support and sustain the commitment made by your organization to invest in the RCC Workshop.



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Benefits of Becoming a Coach

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