The Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH) teaches communication competencies that ensure healthcare professionals deliver high-quality, relational care. These competencies, offered as three discrete skill sets, increase efficiency, optimize clarity, and strengthen relationships, thereby improving not only the patient experience but also the quality of work life and organizational culture.

The Fundamental Skill Sets represent foundational elements for a relationship-centered healthcare culture where all communication is effective, empathic, and equitable. We also feature Advanced Topics, designed to build on the Fundamental Skills.

Beginning Encounters

  • Create rapport quickly
  • Elicit the list of ALL concerns
  • Negotiate the agenda
Female Doctor Talking To Patient
Doctor Shaking Hands With Patient

Relationship Centered History Building

  • Open an authentic conversation
  • Explore perspectives
  • Name emotions
  • Respond with empathy

Ending Encounters

  • Share information with ART loops
  • Assess understanding with Teach-back
  • Close the encounter
Doctor High Fiving Child


Whether you choose our online or in-person learning program, our expert ACH Facilitators build skill-development through active engagement:

  • Conversation: We invite participants to share goals, express preferences, and discuss examples from their own experiences
  • Strength-based reflection: We encourage participants to consider “What is working well?” and “What would you like to continue?”
  • Interactive learning: We utilize activities to maintain participant engagement throughout each session

Each session includes skills-based exercises, conducted in a supportive small group learning environment. This real-time exchange offers participants the chance to integrate workshop content with individual learning goals.