RCC Skills Staff

Our RCC Skills Team includes skilled staff and seasoned faculty who collaborate with individuals and organizations to support our vision of a healthcare culture where all communication is effective, empathic, and equitable. We are dedicated to supporting your goals.

Kelsey Kirsch Profile Photo
Kelsey Kirsch
Communication & External Education Specialist

Kelsey Kirsch serves as the Project Coordinator for ACH, helping to manage and support the logistics of workshop training and delivery, as well as managing ACH social media. Kelsey’s professional background includes administrative and management roles in various settings, including previous experience as a medical scribe and a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology.

Laura Kirk Profile Photo
Vice President of External Education

Laura is Assistant Director of APPs for Ambulatory Services at University of Texas Southwestern. She previously served as Supervisor for the Department of Otolaryngology and APP Advisory Board chair at University of California San Franscisco (UCSF). While at UCSF she customized RCC courses for various specialties and professional groups, developed a new workshop titled ?Advocacy for Women Using RCC? and co-led introducing the InterProfessional Education (IPE) faculty education to new curriculum.

Nick Ruffin Profile Photo
Nick Ruffin, CAE
Interim Executive Director

Nick is serving as Interim Executive Director for ACH. Nick is the President & Chief Executive Officer of AMR, ACH’s association management company. 19 years of experience working with associations.

Rachael Lawson Profile Photo
Rachael Lawson
Project Administrator

Rachael Lawson is the Association Administrator for External Education. She received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Midway in December of 2019 and began work with ACH shortly thereafter. Rachael manages the drafting of faculty agreements, faculty expense management, invoicing, workshop technology facilitation, as well as other supporting tasks for the External Education team.

Rukiya Wongus Profile Photo
Rukiya Wongus, MHA, PMP
Senior Director of Client Success and Operations

Rukiya Wongus has 15+ years of experience as a healthcare administration professional with a focus on practice operations, patient experience, and project management. As Program Manager, External Education Rukiya supports clients as they implement a workshop or train-the-trainer process.

Zafreen Arefy Profile Photo
Zafreen Arefy, MBA, PMP
Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development

Zafreen Arefy has a background in behavioral and community health, with over 8 years of experience in stakeholder and operational management. She has worked across healthcare systems involving implementations that required customized solutions, collaboration across multidisciplinary teams and program oversight. As the program manager at ACH, she supports strategic and operational management of clients, facilitators and evolving external education processes.